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  1. gunny why cant you fucking stfu you are fucking mind in every ones bussines. You have no life?
  2. why you try flame if the fag chronic started this? and still post in our thread? hieu ask you to stop and me you guys till posts
  3. chronic in the matrix.. let's all laugh he had retarded fun there
  4. then this is you couse you are RETARD, BITCHIN on internet more than me, you are one of the biggest one and the biggest fag pice of shit spammin noob i know you will post back couse you are retarded fuck OWNED IGNORED LOL HAHA
  5. lol noob lets point out the spammin noob ^ dont tell me to stop spam in ure fucking boards if you know other noobs spam and he started this.. some qoutes i got from messages you wrote this youre self If i remove the parts this is what you wrote in messages like you remove my text.. i wrote fuck off, you deef man? first of you still bitchin and whine, second of you act like a stupid dumb canada kid that want to fuck others face, you wish that i fuck you're face? then you are a stupid dickhead couse i said fuck off
  6. PWNED gay yep you did start it on party server and here.. and i said fuck off my face if you can read english.. i didnt wrote fuck omg im not gay like you..
  7. agree this is the noob ^ control his bad bitching // PS Stay the fuck out, I didn't start this bitchin
  8. all i ask is you control your noobs, you should know who they are... dickhead why dont you stay out our thread that whould be fine .. PS no one is noob here beside you
  9. man we aint killed his momma.. it's sad that she died still we don't cheat
  10. we even show him we did'nt cheat then he got something in his mind that we turned them off , and he call us lamers for cheats and that iMa is biggest cheat gang or something he is a fucking idiot.. we don't cheat , so he should stfu and don't say were cheaters.. He even spammed the chat box that we cheat..
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