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  1. yeah well if theres any international clans out there that wanna war, =BDC= is always more then willing just post a reply and one of us will getback to u asap
  2. OMG Barney u are 110% Pure NUTCASE i cant understand how u do that stuff and 2 questions with the person doing backflips on the bike was there mods to do that and also with the getting off the bike and back on trick do u go up the wall and fall off and hit enter to get back on or press enter get off then enter again?
  3. sounds good to me we'll war in ur server 1st we just have to work out a date and time soon
  4. Yeah for sure were always down for wars with anyone what server do u want to have it in? a Aus one or your own.
  5. thanks hieu good to hear from ya again sad to see you and aaron are in different clans now! Perhaps another war some time ie 6 on 6??? or bigger if possible
  6. Nah its know way near as big as it used to be during .3 we had 70 active members from all over the globe, and so now were trying to get known all over again we just need some support from everyone.
  7. Yeah ive always wanted to fight FKU so we'd be up for a match anytime even a 1 on 1 would be good to
  8. Ahh Mr Drake havent seen or heard from u in ages yeah hopefully one day we'll get a chance at warring kfc
  9. As u know were the biggest Australian clan and weve been around for nearly a year but were now looking for memebers outside austrlia to expand us and were also looking for wars with any international clans willing. If interested in warring us or joining, post a reply in here or contact me at Ronnie618@hotmail.com. Current Members Leaders =BDC=Ron =BDC=Pun Boss's =BDC=Empfy's! =BDC=Melly Members [bDC].Insom =BDC=Vercetti =BDC=Jax =BDC=Dmonkey (Dirty) =BDC=Dmonkey (Death) =BDC=2pac =BDC=Freak =BDC=Alloric =BDC=Tizz88 =BDC=Chris =BDC=Tom-Gun =BDC=Ferks =BDC=Taipan =BDC=Ve
  10. Yeah Kung come into a aussie server one time i would love to have a 1 on 1 with you
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