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  1. Its great to see this resource running (by the way hey everyone long time no see) I remember working on KIHC with that eventually hitting rock bottom Keep up the good work
  2. we did have a stab at rebuilding it however like XX3 said its not working like it should sooo the work continues if we do get it working we will flag it up
  3. Dreams, posting on old topics just to get your post rating up is not the way to go. If you dont have anything constructive to say Dont say anything
  4. like xbost said kihc and its problems have been discussed before however if you are looking at changing interiors you have to goto the kihc database which holds all the house's you have built i do it by this method, time consuming as it is but it works As far as instant house making scripts, create one
  5. hey man just to say great resource Everything looks good, problem with spawning at broph co-ords but all gd one question though are you going to combine JRGM with j-rpg and mayby implement los santos or is that something we would have to do ourselves with the database files? once again great work man
  6. well to be honest, im now using 1.0.4 and i cant load resources off my local server only when im connected to my gameserver. Not to worry though the MTA Team look like they are pushing forward a new release so im sure these problems will be fixed as soon as possible in the mean time if you have an online gameserver run the map editor from that
  7. hmm i dont know about the editor.conf i dont edit it i usually only run resources using the mtaserver config file but anyway i've done a quick video to show you what i mean by goto resources and start element browser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgKKdPb-XEA remember you have to be logged in as admin even in the map editor
  8. ok guys i know its an old topic now but i think i found your problem I was looking at the resources running while working in map editor and noticed the element browser wasnt running i looked at my HUD and lo and behold the icons at the bottom were missing so heres what you do run the map editor then login as admin using the chatbox goto the resources running and start the element browser and viola it should be all fine and dandy
  9. best advice is to uninstall mta and download the nightly builds with the resources and such provided and as an added hint you can find the dedicated server program under your MTA folder in server
  10. hmmm i had this problem with cvehiclefuel thats why i use slrfuel because i can add the garages in the .lua file the fuel gauge works fine im currently working in LuaEdit, il open up cvehiclefuel, and have a look *UPDATE* i did a debug and this beauty popped up WARNING: cvehiclefuel_c.lua: Bad argument @ 'getElementData' - Line: 60 WARNING: cvehiclefuel_c.lua: Bad argument @ 'killTimer' - Line: 95 so we now have a base to work on *ANOTHER UPDATE* function isTimer(timer) local timers = getTimers() for k,v in ipairs(timers) do if (v == timer) then return true end end return false
  11. i myself use slrfuel on my server and it works as well as it can, what errors are you getting? did you restart the server after adding it?
  12. TGW121

    Different File Name

    well ask your friend how he did it cuz im sure the rest of us would love to know how ahhh the pleasures of steam
  13. well the server i use is serverFFS and they run mta server 1.0.2 linux, but i run linux and i usually check for conflicts due to upper or lower case
  14. yeah i just tried reloading and its not working i think il stick on 0.1.6 seen as its working and might go back through 0.1.61 when i get a chance would be nice if kapil came back and updated this
  15. ok see attatched my acl as it stands
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