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  1. few months ago ? ye right maybe u play last time few months ago huzsie
  2. /me laugh i think Brazil will pwn all
  3. Cpt.Kr!S

    HB KRIS!

    heh thx for those wishes guys im happy that s1 still remember me
  4. i dont think so i didnt c jezebel for long time
  5. wow chodey in da finals gj m8 nad GL in finals
  6. i c no1 post result from 1st match in League =aPCP=S!Lv3r & =PCPr=mroq Vs =PCP=White-light & HuZs 1 - 2 refs: [FMJ]CptKr!S and ZoR_Brulla
  7. gg Chode ur the last FMJ in tourney so u must win
  8. /me slap Capone get ur ppl and get rdy to pwn
  9. Poland has 2wins and i think we r winning atm POL waitin for pwn next countries
  10. nah jess thats means 1 FMJ in next round
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