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  1. A: He's choosing a fragrance. Q: Should we perform a forced euthanasy on him?
  2. So'lide

    Map Center DOWN O_O

    Sure, sure. That's right, the system is crappy, not the coder. How possible, yes, I see.
  3. So'lide

    Map Center DOWN O_O

    I was told that the amount of crappy coding collapsed it.
  4. A: I don't know, but you're not getting that pepsi. Q: Happy now?
  5. A: I don't like touching it, you do it. Q: Do you like spam?
  6. It doesn't really matter if your firewall has the ports you speficied open.
  7. 1. Well, it's fun to experience GTA:SA with other people online. But as we are the Quality Assurance team, we are used to some exact bugs. There used t obe some bugs which made the gameplay unpleasant, but they were fixed as soon as possible. 2. After a bug is reported, you can be sure it's looked into. There's only few cases where the devs need reminding about the bugs left. 3. If, in rare occasions, like corrupted file, the game messes up, we just request for a new build. It's fixed in no time. The developers are working really hard on the mod and we as testers won't give them much peace
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