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  1. are you certain the VPS does not get rebooted? If your webserver also goes down it seems to me you have a bigger issue.
  2. the link expects you have an IRC client installed (like mIRC) on your computer and that your OS knows how to handle the IRC:// protocol.
  3. One can not simply write a manual about editing a server. Everyone has different needs and requirement. That is why you document everything that can be changed and how you need to change it and provide that documentation back to the end user. In our case we decided to use a wiki for this. Everything you need is on the wiki. What we don't explain are the basics about programming (be it lua or in general).
  4. A desktop on a server? wouldn't really recommend it, especially with that limited amount of RAM available. Just stick to the command line, that's how a linux server should be run anyway.
  5. As far as i know, we build our linux version on Debian so that's what I would recommend. MTA should work on any distribution, but RedHat based distributions (like centos) have proven difficult in the past to install. 32 or 64bits largely depends on the system you are running. While 64bit has a slight speed advantage, the only real benefit comes from using a machine with more than 4GB of RAM. If you have 4GB or less, go for the 32bit and save the trouble of having to use a system that mixes both 32 and 64bit libraries.
  6. please confirm you have a 32 bit libreadline installed.
  7. And it is even doubtfull you can get that many players. Even if you did get 4k player chances that your hardware can keep up are not that big either. You would need one hell of a setup to keep that running smooth.
  8. please expand the script. Check if the server is running before you start it. If it is already running you should not attempt to start another instance. That's bad practice. Also, do not send the output from the server to /dev/null, use the -d switch to deamonize, that's what it is there for. That way, when the server fails to start or crashes, the output can be recorded. If the crond fails to execute the script, check the syslog to see why it crashed. Some distributions also send a mail to your inbox for every failed cronjob.
  9. Blokker_1999

    MTA on Linux

    it should work with wine: ... nux_Manual
  10. did you test that php connection on the same machine? Is the mysqld running localy?
  11. Blokker_1999

    Help me

    so, you have it running in a detached screen i'm guessing or have at least backgrounded it. If you are using screen to run it in the background, reattach the screen it is running on with the command 'screen -r' , once you see the server console you can issue the quit command. If you simply backgrounded it you can either use the commands StifflersMom gave you (ps a | grep mta-server to find the pid and kill to kill it) or you could issue the following command: 'killall mta-server'. If you use kill or killall on a server that is running in a detached screen session, please note that the screen session itself wil NOT terminate and keep on running idle in the background.
  12. Blokker_1999

    Help me

    How did you start the server? Do you have command line access to the linux install or are you renting the server and only have access to a webbased interface?
  13. Why not fix the reason your server kicks you on your client PC. Don't forget that if you disable certain AC features people could cheat on your server which is usually not what most visitors would want.
  14. I've seen it a few times with the num lock, but only on linux systems, never had a reversal within Windows and certainly not within a single application. I would suggest remapping your sniper key to some other keys, preferably away from the left most column of keys. I left the wasd setup a long time ago and went for esdf, still can't figure out why ppl prefer wasd because moving to the right gives you more possible keys on the left to bind.
  15. If you have a firewall installed, make sure that it is not blocking any outgoing connection from MTA
  16. please remove the IP address from your configuration file. IP adressess in the 192.168 class are private ones. You can not connect to them from the outside world. If your server reports this to the master server list, the master can not contact your personal server and will not bring it up on the list. Just leave that setting blank in the config. You are lucjy i'm not executing the warning below the setting
  17. If you have IPv6, please make sure that in your mtaserver.conf you have set your IPv4 address in the address field. Also make sure that you have not only opened the port for the server, but also the port for the master list (gameport + 123)
  18. The img you have pasted isn't really helpfull since it does not show a reason for the server exitting.
  19. it can not find, either because it is not installed or because it is installed for the wrong architecture (64bit instead of the needed 32bit). If you have a 64bit system, please make sure it supports multiarch dpkg --add-architecture i386 Update your cache so that it also knows about 32bit packages: apt-get update After this you can add 32bit libraries as follows: apt-get install libreadline5:i386 If you already have a multiarch system, or your system is 32bit only you only need to execute the last command (without the :i386 if the system is 32bit only).
  20. huh, dont accuse me of being racist cuz i strongly believe all races have the same potential and there is no physical advantage of any race. i am just intolerant to retards and degenerates who unfortunately concentrate in certain countries with certain religions, you cant deny that fact, right? this is pretty logical because who the man is depends on the values and conditions where he was brought up. btw this looks like offtop, still, i would appreciate any help concerning the problem with country bans! However, he is right. Because some ppl from some territory are misbehaving you want no one from that territory to join your servers. Simply put, that is racism.
  21. because you are trying to use a 64bit library with a 32bit executable. You need to install the 32 bit library. In order to do this, first make sure your install supports multiarch, if you have not yet done so, execute the following command as root : dpkg --add-architecture i386 Update your cache so that it also knows about 32bit packages: apt-get update After this you can add 32bit libraries as follows: apt-get install libmysqlclient18:i386
  22. And how do you suggest we detect if the game gets modified outside of MTA? If there was an easy way to do that than we did not have to ban any piece of software, we would just detect that. Since PH allows you yo edit the memory, just like you can with Cheat Engine, should we start to allow CE as well? It may not be as user friendly at the start, but I'm certain that people who know where to find there memory addressess to edit would be able to do so in both PH and CE. If you really need this level of resource monitoring while you should be having fun playing a game i would recommend using process explorer while playing game and swapping out for ph when not playing the game.
  23. nothing is secure, vBulletin got hacked about 2 months ago and thousands of boards were affected. phpBB has come a long way and is today a lot more secure.