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Writing a Roleplay Gamemode From Scratch

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Hello MTA Community!

I'm happy to announce the start of 'Writing a Roleplay Gamemode From Scratch' chapters in my youtube channel. The first chapter is already released, check it out below!

Don't forget to subscribe in order to be notified when new content is uploaded and also let a comment with your opinion and aspects that should be improved!

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6 hours ago, Ahmed Ly said:

thank you so much also can you please make video Tutorial About that function fetch Remote

Maybe I would use that function when the gamemode will be done in order to add web functionalities. :D

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On 12/10/2017 at 05:41, Uknown. said:

Short 2nd chapter uploaded! 3rd chapter will be uploaded this week also!


The 3rd chapter maybe won't be uploaded this week because the 2nd chapter hasn't even hit 50 views. So expect it for the coming week :v

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