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Who played MTA 0.3 ? plz post here

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only 3 guys could play this mod? strange, well i guess i have to figure it out why the mod isnt working in here (i connect to a server with ppl, & they arent there, just some static models over a roof).

1 more thing do you guys have modified your game? how did you guys played & finaly do you have 1.1 patch? plz i made this post to see if i can "fix" my problem

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I played it it plays very cool only they must do something about killing it takes around 10 minutes to shoot a guy and you dont get any killz (points)

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I played... pretty funky.

I hate sony. I really, really hate sony... at least the PS2 department... stupid annoying people... they stopped MP in GTA3!!!!! it was being made, then sony said no!!!!!!!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::x:x:x:x:evil::evil::evil:

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I played online !!!!

i finally connected to a server after a few minor problems... :P

I spawned on the roof of some building,then i choose my team then i respawned at the big boss house with the 2garage in Portland, there are a few Mafia gang cars there , i cant see any traffic on the roads and im not sure if there is anyone else on the server because i dont know the chat button...IT seems to work fine on 56k so far




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I did play ... but the other player ( played with a friend, both cable max 128k upload (16 KB/s ) ) warped a lot in the car , not on foot though ... only when he jumped ? (i read somewhere that the jump anim wasn't done yet ) ... it's just a shame about a couple of things ... :

*couldn't get him out of the car (is it just me or is it not possible ? )

*he didn't fall dead and give a message, just disapeared .

*and car damage is not (0.4 ?) cause we bumped a lot and nothing happened ... so if i cant get him out of the car and cant destroy the car ... how do i do it ?

However i really apreciate what you guys have done it's great to play gta ... with friends !! it ROCKS ... THANKS MTA TEAM !!!!

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