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  • Presiona ; para activar todos los binds para ware
  • Presiona - para desactivarlos
  • Presiona mouse2 o clic derecho para mover
  • Presiona Q y E para teletransportarse (antes de matar a alguien)
  • Usa la rueda de desplazamiento del ratón para atacar



bind ; bind mouse2 forwards
bind ; bind mouse2 walk
bind ; bind mouse2 jump
bind ; bind mouse2 sprint
bind ; unbind e next_weapon
bind ; unbind q previous_weapon
bind ; bind q sp x x 1300
bind ; bind e sp x x 1000.5
bind ; unbind mouse_wheel_up previous_weapon
bind ; unbind mouse_wheel_down next_weapon
bind ; bind mouse_wheel_up fire
bind ; bind mouse_wheel_down fire
bind ; bind f forwards
bind ; bind f sprint
bind ; bind f jp
bind ; bind f grav 0.1
bind ; bind f up sp x x 1000.5
bind ; bind f up grav 0.008

bind - unbind mouse2 forwards
bind - unbind mouse2 walk
bind - unbind mouse2 jump
bind - unbind mouse2 sprint
bind - unbind q sp
bind - unbind e sp
bind - bind e next_weapon
bind - bind q previous_weapon
bind - unbind mouse_wheel_up fire
bind - unbind mouse_wheel_down fire
bind - bind mouse_wheel_up previous_weapon
bind - bind mouse_wheel_down next_weapon
bind - unbind f forwards
bind - unbind f sprint
bind - unbind f jp
bind - unbind f grav
bind - unbind f up sp
bind - unbind f up grav


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On 13/9/2017 at 13:13, aka Blue said:

No lo pillo :-(

Son binds para jugar knife.

Edited by Rose

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