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So i ran today into a problem. I try to make a FBI base for a server. Therefore i need make a gate through an entrance where they can park the fbi vehicles. 

The thing is i bit of the Gate has a collision a bit of the gate doesnt have collision so i can just ran through. Collision is on true. 

Any help? 

€: So maybe if got the Problem of the thing : I made the gate bigger from the scale then it was in original. the original gate with the original scale didnt had the problem with no collisions. but the scaled 1 has problem with the collision. so is it able to make the collision radius bigger ? 

thanks in advance !

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Yes,  you can change scale of object but collision stays the same. It's the best to use original size or if you really need that object you can add collision yourself in some programs

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You can 'fake' the collision by adding objects with alpha 0 in areas where it is missing.

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