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sa-mp.com site got hacked

Guest RuBBa_cHiKiN

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Lonely sh**head hacks their site cause they dont want his fat ass around. F**king psycho ***hole. Not to worry, I'm pretty sure the actual project itself is quite safe. I really wish that **shole would off himself... do us a big favor :twisted:

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Funny how when someone fucks somehing up over the internet they are always described as being a fat fuck, and/or a n00b.

Yeah he ddos'd the mta site a couple times last year, he also ddos'd the Partyserver a couple times.

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It ain't that hard to hack a domain name, doesn't take a nerd to hack you just need to read a tutorial on the net about hacking and download a hack scaner then you scan trough ip untill you find his ip and turn down the FireWall if he has one else just hack trought his FTP/Server then he can do whatever he want. I have read a tutorial on the net and i know how to do this shit but it's pretty booring if you've not got a life.

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If you looked at l0ngb0ngs site, you'll see that they aren't hackers, they are a security team. They brute force/whatever other method sites and shit to prove that they aren't secure, they never actually deface them or delete content, and will almost certainly give the site/whatever back after a couple of days, so that the owners have learned their lesson. They will probably even tell the sa-mp team how to secure their site so that a similar thing can't happen again, but by another group who may not be as forgiving.

I started doing the same kind of thing myself a while ago, I would join random teamspeak servers and through a variety of different ways, would gain server admin and then "take over" the server by revoking everone elses server admin and deleting accounts through the web console, obviously the people would be pissed at me but I would leave it for a day, come back and then tell them where their security flaws were, and give them server admin back and leave. Hell, one time I even took over a teamspeak with about 50 people in it.

These people don't do this shit to damage or deface things, they do it to HELP you, to improve the security. Apparently the sa-mp site wasn't secure, and if it had been a group like g00ns or myg0t that had hacked it, they probably wouldn't ever see anything that was stored on that server ever again.

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