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Discord won't install in my server

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Hello World !

i was trying  to add discord-bot to my server using Necktrox/mta-discord-bot , but i don't know  how to install these things bellow :

 - app.js



the whole src things are :Oed up with me 

sockets are working but it still shows this problem in console  | 

ERROR: discord/socket.lua:56: attempt to call global 'sockOpen' (a nil value)

any help please  ?


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Well first you should make sure you have nodejs and npm installed on your machine. Open up your console/ssh and check with the two commands:

# node -v
# npm -v

If they are installed then a version number will return. If not, it will say 'node' not found or such. If they are not installed, you will need to run the following

# yum install epel-release
# yum install nodejs

# apt-get install nodejs
# apt-get install build-essential

I'm not an expert on Linux but 1 of those two should work depending on what OS you're running. Don't run both of these (yum AND apt-get), you only need to use either yum or apt-get - depending on your OS! After that's done, you should check again with the version commands above to ensure they are installed.

Next, download the mta-discord-bot from GitHub and extract the src folder somewhere, I'll call it PATH-TO-SRC in this example

# npm install

After that, you should edit the example.config.json to include the same details that are in the discord bot resource on your MTA server (in config.xml), then rename that file to config.json.

Once everything has been edited, you can now run the app.js. This is the relay which grabs the data from your discord and feeds it through to the MTA server resource. I would advise you run this in a seperate screen (terminal multiplexer)... This means that when you exit the SSH/console, the app.js will continue to run. My choice is tmux, install as so;

# yum install tmux


# apt-get install tmux

Now you can run tmux, and run node.js

# tmux
# node app.js

If it's all working it should run without errors. You can exit from this window at any time and return to your standard SSH screen by pressing CTRL + B, then let go and press D

To re-attach to that window, check your tmux sessions and attach, ie;

# tmux list-sessions
0: 1 windows (created Wed Aug 16 18:24:24 2017) [80x23]

# tmux attach -t 0

0 in this case being the session id, as shown from list-sessions.

If you run into any trouble let me know :) 

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14 hours ago, Moha|M| said:

alright ,thank's again 

I hope you didn't type it in server console.

You gotta type it in the terminal, as terminal would return something lol

If you are using a hosting, ask your manager.

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8 hours ago, Gourmet. said:

I hope you didn't type it in server console.

You gotta type it in the terminal, as terminal would return something lol

If you are using a hosting, ask your manager.

Damn ,whole this time i was typing it at server's Console ,such a noob :|

:o me and :o my brain i spend alot of time for this . :o discord !

Thank you very much

Edited by Moha|M|

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