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dxRotateTexture and dxScaleTexture

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My suggestion is to create two functions: dxRotateTexture and dxScaleTexture (ofc. for oop is Texture:rotate() and Texture:scale()) which will return new rotated and scaled texture or will work on texture in parameter. 

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How are you using your texture? Functions such as dxDrawImage and dxDrawImage3D already have rotation arguments.

I don't work with shaders much either, but if you're using your texture with a shader I assume you can just rotate the texture using the shader itself.

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You can already do that with render targets, i.e.:

  1. Create the render target with suitable dimensions
  2. Call dxSetRenderTarget(renderTarget)
  3. Draw the texture once using dxDrawImage (+ scale/rotate)
  4. Reset the render target: dxSetRenderTarget(nil)
  5. The resulting render target is your scaled/rotated texture

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It's working! Nice, thanks.

One simple question: is this technique faster than normal calculations, for loops and dxSetPixelColor?

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