[REL] PVP/TDM Duel Gamemode

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Hello, I am sharing all my scripts as I am not interested in scripting for MTA again so this is another one. You can add more maps on shared/maps.lua. I have added an option for spawn handling, by default it's disabled but if you want to activate this handler you need to change the line in shared/maps.lua to SPAWN_HANDLER = true. Script allows players to create rooms so that other could join. PvP mode has only 1 weapon option while TDM gives 3. I couldn't test the script as it's not a one man thing but I'm pretty sure it'll work just fine. Although if you run into any problems you can just reply to this topic and I'll try to fix it as soon as I'm available. Enjoy! 


The script has 3 parties so you need to start engines first, then infobox and then duel.




Download link:

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