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Hello there, I am with you with LVDM gamemode. It's a Deathmatch-like script. I've left MTA for a couple months now so it has its missing things, not technically though, everything works fine with zero errors. I'm talking about the ideal part, such as, usage of money is limited, the ways to earn money is also. If you could add some features into it you'll be fine, I guess. About the code, it's not really "clean" as it was not the plan to publish it in the first place. But once you get used to it, you'll get the mechanism and make changes very easily.
-A MySQL server
-A MTA server (obviously)
-Changes in [Files]\[sacrum]\database\database.lua

-First things first, make sure you make your changes in mtaserver.conf I am providing and then add it on your server.
-Grab a MySQL server and install [Files]\[sacrum]\lvdm_core\core.sql
-Put your MySQL details into [Files]\[sacrum]\database\database.lua
-You might wanna change [Files]\[sacrum]\lvdm_helpmanager\helpmanager_list.lua 

I've started the project more than 1 year ago, with hope to enjoy it with some friends as we are more used to Deathmatches, not as in Race but with guns. Completed the gamemode and then I got busy with work so it went downhill real quick. It has its potentials if you take care of the server and do what needs to be done.

-Gameplay: There are 7 classes in the gamemode, selected after you register. Each and every class has its own ability which can be activated by the player. For instance, a player in sniper class can go stealth mode and gain invisibility. Weapons are also given by the player's class. Although you can get more weapons after you kill a player and collecting their weapons. Of course, there is a weapon list and you need to add your desired weapons on there to be able to collect them. You can organize your list at Emmet's place. (the brown colt45 icon)
-Bases: There are a few gang bases which are capturable by gangs. So that the competetion goes in right direction. A base gives you opportunity to buy weapons inside, be more secure, gain loot every hour. Loot can only be collected by the owner of the clan.
-Making Money: Missions;
Black Export: Find the wanted vehicle and deliver it to the truck blip.
Assassinations: Kill the wanted player.,
Crack the safe: Find the safe's number to get all the money in it ('$' blip).
Hourly deathmatches. Get money and exp for killing ('D' blip).
-Abilities: Abilities are passive buffs additionally selected by the player when reached to certain level. You can choose/manage your abilities at 'Z' blip. Every column on the abilities list needs a certain level limit to unlock.
-Housing: You can buy houses around the map and spawn in them. To toggle spawn blips press 'o'.

-You can edit/change the gamemode.
-Do not delete ["Changelog"] [Files]\[sacrum]\lvdm_helpmanager\helpmanager_list.lua


















Download link:!Y4hVnThS!9ewKBvY6WdAQWAD3WoaEAmHOLJz03SJE_gjnJhKZ3ok

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On 23.12.2017 at 17:47, Dziugasc said:

how to change MySQL to SQLite maybe someone has modified version of database?

you can migrate databases through mysql

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