MTA is crashing

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When you play a bit (1 hour or something like that), MTA crashes you have to wait like 5 minutes and you will be able to press on the start button to turn to the desktop and you open MTA it crashes again and again and when you quit MTA and open the server again after some mins MTA crashes again and again and same story... so the problem is in my laptop or what or in the server? the server it happened me in is DDC IP is ( PS: i play on this server always please some one help me! 

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So, if I did those tricks that you said in link I won't crash? and yeah I have 32 bit.

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I just did those things 

  • 1) Settings->Advanced->Fast CJ clothes loading->Off
  • 2) Settings->Advanced->Streaming memory->Min
  • Will i dont crash anymore? I didnt understand how to do this another things 

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After joining a server, enter the command: /showmemstat

There will be some stats on the right. Find 'Process memory limit' and tell me the number next to it.

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2 hours ago, ccw said:

 follow the instructions.

Press 'n' when asked.

Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you


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