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[LF] Developer(s) required for a Race Gamemode [Paid/Non-Paid]

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I have another Community called Vigour, quite big but our Development Time has decreased due to my Laptop breaking down, I can't do anything without it since it turns out weird on my PC and it's playing up. It's a Multigamemode we're looking for if possible, or 4 different servers which all link to each other contain the gamemodes Shooter, Deathmatch, Destruction Derby, Hunter etc, people can talk to each other from the different servers via Global Chat, Money/Exp linked to one Database - or -  a Multigamemode.

I can pay the Developer but not yet, since I'm still on Vacation, and my job's building is currently getting repaired so it'll be in 2018 March-April time that I'd be back into my job. So if there's anyone willing to help you can leave a message here or you can contact me on Discord - Lιgнт#6633

The site can be found here - - 

Searching for someone who is dedicated enough to get it finished within a certain time limit, and gets it fully completed.

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