What can i do if someone stole/hack my server?

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How can i protect my script ageinst thieves? compliling script are good but is any better solution?

What can i do if someone hack my server, got admin, destroy all etc.? I heard that hacker can got global ban. How can i prove and report this people?

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Usually people get a globan ban if they were using hacking software or something serious, but if you gave someone an admin and he destroyed it, i'm afraid then it's your fault. Same for the scripts.

If you really think that someone actually hacked admin system in your server, and you think your scripts are not to blame for that, then you can contact @ccw, but make sure that you have proof for that and it would be good to know or at least have a theory how someone did the hacks.

I'll just write down script security measures which i recommend , just in case:

Use luac.mtasa.com on your scripts with maximum encrpytion (obfuscation). And in meta.xml in your resources make sure that client scripts which look like:


<script src="client.lua" type="client" />

Change them into this:

<script src="client.lua" type="client" cache="false" />

Setting cache to false will make sure that players who play your server don't have any client scripts downloaded on their PC, but instead it's run inside their RAM.

With script security you can never be 100% safe, but you can make it harder for people to steal it by doing these methods which I've mentioned.
Also, be careful who you give admin access too, it can be dangerous.
However, if you give someone FTP access to your server, and they abuse it, then they can basically do anything, steal/delete anything.

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