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Object texture/shader


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Hello,  I want to change some places using the map editor and I'm encountering some weird lighting that probably originates from the buildings I'm using.

Here's a screenshot example:




I would like to fix these or at least make them less obvious. They only look this weird at night.

Are there any clientside functions I could use to do it?

The only function I've seen on the wiki that seems to be able to help would be engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture, but I think that would change all the buildings that share this model, which I don't want to since the original one would then look weird.

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Hello @UnchiuDawg,

This particular building/object is prelighted that way by the original Rockstar Developers. This means it's not possible to get rid of this peculiar lighting by shaders (as far as I know)

with prelighting you pre light an object, for example a road, so certain lights are rendered there and thus saving memory. 

You can however take this specific object, export it, prelight it yourself, and import it once again in your own server/map.


Here is a prelighting tutorial CodyJ(L) once send to me:



Good luck!

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@UnchiuDawg using the function engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture has an argument that allows you to change the texture of a particular object eith the shader without the need to replace the textures of all the other objects that share the same original texture. Anyway, I mentioned that just to let you know, eventho that might not help a lot since it is a lighting issue.

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