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Lawliet    10




With MTA:DayZ being pretty much how we want it to be (except for a few minor details), we figured that it's time to move on, to our next project: MTA:Battlegrounds.

This time, we do not aim to recreate Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG for short), instead, we are drawing inspiration from it while creating our very own Battle Royale gamemode. It's true that MTA offers a lot of Battle Royale servers, but none of them possess the same gravitational pull PUBG offers, something we wish to replicate. We've already started development, but we arrived at a point where we, due to respective private lives issues, kinda hit a wall, which is why we need and ask for help.

First of all, consider the following: we will not release any of the source code immediately. Before we do so, we must do a lot of testing, bug fixing, patching up security holes etc., so it's for the best of everyone if your only intention to join the team is because you wish to partake in this long and arduous journey and help create a gamemode worthy of its reputation.
If your sole intention is to leak the script, you'll only damage your reputation, and you'd cause development to cease completely, because no one wishes to deal with the repercussions and all the drama that comes along with it.

What we need right now is this:

1) A few dedicated scripters with a lot of experience in Lua, preferably with some gamemode creation experience under his belt
2) A testing server, independent from any restrictions or people (like, "I offer you my server in exchange for the script" is an absolute no-go)
3) A lot of player testers (once a playable alpha is out, we will send a short notification along with an "invitation code" of sorts)
4) Some donations to fund the forum and website (it's down due to financial constraints)

The Team:
L - that's me. One of the devs (and for a while, the only) of MTA:DayZ, I have around 5 years of Lua experience and am still steadily improving, also tend to be the most active one.
Ciber96 - moderator of the spanish section, responsible for reviving MTA:DayZ development, boasts an impressive track record in terms of website managment and coding (from what I can gather, at least).
1B0Y - dev of a thousand roleplay gamemodes. Known for submitting code for any problem, though he has the odd tendency to not properly test it.
neves768 - has become quite a trustworthy fella, very skilled and well versed in the ways of Lua. Designed the MySQL system for MTA:DayZ no problem.

We're looking for active devs, mind you. Not the kind that is occasionally seen (or heard) at on our Discord channel, but really someone who pushes update after update and is willing to discuss all matters Battlegrounds. We're not asking you to dedicate your life to it, it'd just be pleasant to work with someone who knows what he's doing, how he's doing it and, as a result, is doing it often.


1) Must have Lua experience (at least 2 years worth)
2) Showcase at least 1 script/gamemode that is fairly complex and NOT stolen from somebody else
3) Willing to work in a team
4) Willing to spend at least 1 hour per day for Battlegrounds (daily submission of patches are not required per se, simply looking at the current code and perhaps pointing out bugs or improvements usually suffices)
5) Awesomeness must be par of the course

If you think all of these apply to you, do not hesitate to send me a private message detailing your motivations (no wall of text, please, a short essay consisting of 5-6 sentences is enough to get the gist). Prepare to undergo a lengthy evaluation process, because as I've alluded to above, no one wishes to deal with a leaker. The community will, eventually, be able to access the source of the gamemode, but until then, please just bear and have patience with us. What would you prefer, a high-class desert that demands you take a moment to slow down and enjoy its complexity and the resulting satisfaction...or mindlessly chomp down on some chips without breaking a sweat, like a pig? Figured that much.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.




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Lawliet    10

DevLog, 08/22/17

Development is slowly, but steadily progressing. We've acquired a new member for the team, expert975, who's managed to solve a problem we've been dealing with for quite some time now.
There's no set date for a closed alpha, but rest assured, we are working on it as fast as we can.

The Home Screen
The screenshot inside the spoiler shows the earlierst version of the "Home Screen", where players will be able to customize their character, check their rewards and statistics and join a match (via that big "PLAY" button).




After a while, I realized that the location you see in the screenshot isn't exactly the best one, so I decided to change it into an interior. I've also worked on it some more.
The screenshot in this spoiler shows the "STATISTICS" screen, where you can see how well you fare against other players (a leaderboard will be implemented in the near future).




Lastly, we decided to introduce "crates" to the game, which contain, depending on their rarity, skins you can apply to your character. You'll also be able to buy crates (the money will be used to fund servers, website, forum, etc). The screenshot below shows the current version.



Other fancy stuff that has been included is, for instance, some nice camera movement depending on what option you selected on the home screen (if you compare the last two screenshots, you will notice they show CJ from different perspectives. Now imagine that switch happening while the camera is moving).

Stay tuned, we will occasionally update this forum topic with new information, screenshots and a general progress report!

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Lawliet    10

We managed to complete an alpha version of MTA:Battlegrounds! Stay tuned, for we will soon reveal a date at which the closed alpha will start. In case you haven't registered on the forum already, do so to receive an alpha access key!

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iMr.WiFi..!    428

WooW , I had the same idea, it is easy to apply and the idea dont need many peoples to create it , need 3 
1- Designer 

2- programmer

3- A person who does a long, easy job like get all pos of doors on the mta world, 
I will be working on this project after a few months , The server will be for Arabs because the main language will be arabic .. 

im didnt steal your idea or quoted it .. i just had the same idea and ill work on it soon ,, : )
Let's compete to see who are better ; ) ;)

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Lawliet    10


Closed Alpha for MTA:BG will launch on September 23rd, 4PM UTC/GMT+0!
Check your inbox on our forum to see if you've got a key - this may take between 24-48 hours. If you haven't registered on our forum yet, please do so now!

Here's a countdown:

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