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Link: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14700

For this resource to work, type this in the console: aclrequest allow AdBlock function.banPlayer

This resource will ban players who try to advertise other servers. Their message will not show up in the chat but will be logged in the server.log

Key features:
IPv4 and IPv6 detection
Private chat control (/msg)
Blacklist specific words or server names
Exclude specific ACL groups
Custom ban time and ban type
Settings for each feature

You can modify ban duration, ban type (IP, serial or both) and enable or disable each feature in the settings.

To change AdBlock settings, open the Admin Panel -> Resources. Find AdBlock and click the settings button.

IPv6 detection is disabled by default since MTA does not yet support it, however it might prove useful in the future.

Admins, Moderators and SuperModerators are allowed to advertise by default, however you can change that in the settings.

There is an exported function to detect ads: isAdvertisement(string)
You can use this function if you have any custom chat scripts.

For example:

if exports.AdBlock:isAdvertisement(message) then
-- do something


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