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this is a simple code to save :

local redfirst,greenfirst,bluefirst,redsecond,greensecond,bluesecond,redthird,greenthird,bluethird,redfourth,greenfourth,bluefourth = getVehicleColor(veh, true) 
local color = toJSON({redfirst,greenfirst,bluefirst, redsecond,greensecond,bluesecond, redthird,greenthird,bluethird, redfourth,greenfourth,bluefourth}) 

and this is a code to load the color:

local redfirst,greenfirst,bluefirst,redsecond,greensecond,bluesecond,redthird,greenthird,bluethird,redfourth,greenfourth,bluefourth = unpack(fromJSON(color)) 
setVehicleColor(veh, redfirst,greenfirst,bluefirst,redsecond,greensecond,bluesecond,redthird,greenthird,bluethird,redfourth,greenfourth,bluefourth) 


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3 hours ago, LopSided_ said:

@DonOmar that doesn't save anything, it simply turns a table into JSON format. If the resource restarts then you've lost the data.

He can save the JSON string as the account data since you can't save tables as an account data...

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