[LF] Administration And More! {UNPAID]

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Stride Gaming Networks is currently looking for Administration for it's server(s)!

We are a roleplaying community within GTA 5 Online (PC), GTA 5 Reborn (PC, Upcoming Server) and MTA:SA!

We are looking for Administrators (from Trial Supporter to Senior Administrator, Trial Mapper to Mapper, Trial Scripter to Scripter, Vehicle Team) for our Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas server!

These administrators will be required to preform the following duties:
- Take Player Reports (In-Game, UCP, Forum)
- Take Notes of Reports, as well as unbiased views to each situation to determine proper punishments to which side
- Assist Players with Roleplay Schools, Teach Rolelay
- Follow our Staff Guidelines & Procedures
- Treat Other Staff With Respect and Dignity
- Treat Players Like Family, With Respect and Dignity

Applicants must have the following experience:
- Minimum Age 15 (Yes, This is needed.)
- Must demonstrate the ability to Roleplay properly.
- Must be willing to put Admin duties above Roleplay Duties
- Must be available MINIMUM of 2 hours daily, (14 Hours WEEKLY)
- Must demonstrate a reasonable level of maturity
- Must be able to multi-task (Taking Notes, Watching In-Game Scenarios, Using TeamSpeak/Skype/Discord)


Applicants who wish to apply PLEASE ADD my Skype: Cynergetic or PM me on the forums.

BONUS: With Stride Gaming, we offer a BONUS at the end of every 3 months to our staff who have been active, responsible and encouraged activity within our community. Staff who show dedication, commitment and will to improve and go above and beyond will be given a BONUS at the end of every 3 months.

Our staff are generally UNPAID unless a bonus is earned. This bonus is to show appreciation for our teams. The bonus is not limited to Administration roles (Administrator +) and is decided based on activity that is recorded by our system, report amounts, player feedback forms and other aspects. Our staff ARE NOT entitled to this bonus. This is a offering of thanks at the end of each three months.

This PAID BONUS sets us apart from everyone else. We are not Pay-To-Win, and no player-made donations/purchases will give them an in-game advantage

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15 hours ago, Mendozite said:

@Cynergetic I'm ready for the duty.


Add my skype: Cynergetic

14 hours ago, Dreemax32 said:

I am here.

Add my Skype: Cynergetic

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