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Label height limited by screen height


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If I use this dummy code for example,

    testLabel = guiCreateLabel(0, 0, 5000, 5000, "1\n2\n3\n4\n5\n6\n7\n8\n9\n10\n11\n12\n13\n14\n15\n16\n17\n18\n19\n20\n21\n22\n23\n24\n25\n26\n27\n28\n29\n30\n31\n32\n33\n34\n35\n36\n37\n38\n39\n40\n41\n42\n43\n44\n45\n46\n47\n48\n49\n50", false)

addCommandHandler("sl", function() -- scroll label
    guiSetProperty(testLabel, "AbsoluteYPosition", guiGetProperty(testLabel, "AbsoluteYPosition") - 20)

addCommandHandler("add", function()
    local text = guiGetText(testLabel)
    text = text .. "\nHello world!"
    guiSetText(testLabel, text)

I cannot add more lines after the line that 'fills' my screen height perfectly. Even if I scroll the label using /sl


Any ideas? I tried the properties:

- ClippedByParent

- The Unified family

- VertExtent

- Margin



It doesn't seem to cause errors when the text is added, because if I move the label down on the Y axis, and scroll it up again the text is still there. Seems like it's a default limitation. I have reasons to use a label instead of a ReadOnly Edit.

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What you could try is creating a rendertarget, drawing the labels in that rendertarget and then drawing the rendertarget on your screen with an offset on the Y axis.

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I'm not sure if you can do it, but just try it as you'd do with a dxText. Btw, why is dxtext out of your case?

Ahh, nvm, it can't be done like that. Did you try using the guiSetPosition function?

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8 hours ago, NeXuS™ said:

Did you try using the guiSetPosition function?

My problem isn't positioning the label, my problem is housing it with more-than-what-my-screen-height-can-house lines. I tried a bunch of methods to move the label around, but this doesn't affect the said limit sadly.

And I need to use a label instead of dxText because I'm dealing with CEGUI, and the main theme of my script is CEGUI because I heavily use GUI functions.

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If it doesn't affect the limit, you'll have to do some way around with removing those lines which are not being displayed.

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Thanks, been working on it lately, while I'm highly active on the forum after my break because of an motorcycle accident. GLHF, and just keep motivated, feel free to rage on anything which should work but doesn't. :D

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9 hours ago, said:

Use label inside scrollpane and increase the label height when you add new line

Actually that's EXACTLY what I use. And that's EXACTLY what made me discover this problem lol

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