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MySql module missing, altough it exists

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So I pasted that damn module in every existing folder, the server still can't find it

Update 2:

I've updated the modules using the linux page of MTA


So it seems to be a different error now

Update 3:

I think this is a different error, it can't even login via the root account

How can I force it to use password? I put it in



----------------ISSUE SOLVED--------------------

So, after all that I just had to tweak around with the settings.xml file

Thanks everyone for helping, and if anyone else had this problem, I hope this helped

Oh and one more small problem:

[14:05:15] JOIN: Briggs joined the game (IP: 176.63.xx.xx)
[14:05:15] [1] Briggs joined the server (IP: 176.63.x.x).
[14:05:26] [1] Briggs left the server. (Banned - Hacks)
[14:05:26] BAN: Briggs was banned from the game by Console (Hacks)
[14:05:26] BAN: Serial ban was added by Console (Hacks)


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1 minute ago, Uknown. said:

You must create them first in order to get into interiors... and since here we are going offtopic. So I'll finish here my support.

Thanks for everything

One more thing, How do I unban my friends if they got banned by parasite?

I have removed them from banlist

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