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Linux server not showing in browser


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Hello MTA Team;

My friend have server called : GTInternational►►RPG\CnR\Cops\Criminals\Civilians\Turfs\Gangs\Events\►►gti3.tk

and when we type gti it wont show up on the server browser ! (it actually wont show up at all)


PORT : 22003

all ports are open


Note : this haappened before and I reported it here and its fixed but seems the problem still not 100% fixed




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There is a dispute over who should be allowed to use the name 'GTInternational'.

'International Gaming Community' claim they created 'GTInternational' and did not give you permission to use the name

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But their server is closed since 2015 and we used the name last year without any problem.

If the server is closed normally they no longer claim the name in  addition they are not re-using it!

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The server is still alive just with a different name.

I the founder of GTi did not give anyone permission to use the name therefore you shouldn't be using it.

I asked you and your founders to rename it and instead of talking with me you insulted and continued to use the name so I was forced to have you reported.

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* We insulted you * Noone insulted u gus .. when i joined ur server (IGC) Emile and LilDolla flammed me and banned me for 249 years without any reason .. And if u created IGC .. why you care if someone will use GTInternational or not ? .. If you not using it.. So you not own it .. And other people can use it 

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It doesn't matter if I use the name or not I still created it. I'm not here for a petty argument. You all know what you're doing is wrong the scripts were released to help people learn, not to clone my old server..

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International Gaming Community is the official successor to GTInternational.

As myself and Gus are both the original founders and owners of GTInternational, myself being the creator of roughly 40% of the servers development, permission for them or anyone to use the GTInternational name has been denied.

EDIT: The reason for this is that I owned (and may still own) the rights to the search of GTI so that only our original server shows up

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