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setCameraMatrix delay

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Hello friends,
I have a problem. I have a little delay when I watch the player.



function randomSpectatePlayer() 
    local playerGroup = getElementData(localPlayer, "player:group") or false 
    if playerGroup then 
        local inGame = getElementData(localPlayer, "player:game") or false 
        for k,v in ipairs(playerGroup) do 
            if isElement(v) and getElementData(v, "player:game") and getElementData(localPlayer, "player:onSpawn") then
                if v ~= localPlayer then
                    setElementFrozen ( localPlayer, true )
                    oldDim = getElementInterior(localPlayer)
                    oldInt = getElementDimension(localPlayer)
                    setElementInterior(localPlayer, getElementInterior(v))
                    setElementDimension(localPlayer, getElementDimension(v))
                    setCameraInterior(localPlayer, getCameraInterior(v))
                    spectating = v
                    setCameraTarget ( v )
                    outputChatBox("[SPECTATE] #ffffffYou spectating now "..getPlayerName(v), 255,100,100,true)
                    outputChatBox("[SPECTATE] #ffffffIf you want back to lobby use #ff0000/back #ffffffcommand.", 255,100,100,true)
                    addCommandHandler("back", onStopSpectating)


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Well your topic talks about a function you don't even use, how ever you also should break the loop.

Edit: The delay may be caused cause loop and way you get data, you should organize more such spectator system otherwise lag will keep, is really needed  do all such things everytime you call to a random spectate target?

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