[Action-RPG Zombie Sandbox] Dystopia: The Incident [EN]

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Seems rather refreshing and original.

Got a few questions tho:

Where are the zombies?

Will PVP always be mandatory (or will there be a PVP toggle button)?

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Hi @Tunner!

Zombies can be found more in cities and less so in the countryside. There are lots of safe camps all around. Zeds are not that numerous, there are other foes to be worried about :)

PvP is mandatory (at least on the current server). Many missions and features that I wish to add depend on the PvP aspect and I try to integrate it well with the RPG gameplay by punishing players in immersive ways for killing friendlies.

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G0cx10u.jpg  InYJkri.png  BuDfoKh.jpg

  • new set of random missions from the LS Observatory camp: use a Sparrow to rescue various scavengers that got in trouble all over Los Santos (5 new missions in total)
  • another new mission set in A69: Agent Shepherd dispatches 9 different 'helicopter extraction' missions; hot LZ's ahead!
  • new mission for the bandits: go to the Ocean Docks Warehouse and speak with McCready - he'll send you to collect the booty from all other bandit camps in Los Santos
  • work for Sheriff Gruber in Dillimore to bring justice upon various bandit bosses around Flint and Whetstone (6 new CDF missions)
  • other small improvements and various bug fixes


Server IP: mtasa://
Join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/Zs5bWSX
to stay up to date with news, plans & media.
Come share your feedback and ideas!

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New features:

  • Minimap
  • Aircraft bunker buster bombs and Hydra ejecting seat.
  • Minigun revisited, new script added: can be mounted only on vehicles for now (all pickup trucks, Bandito, Reinforced Clover, some SUVs, the R01 Van, Raindance and Leviathan), it requires a gunner and ammo to operate.
  • Expanded level system: 12 levels, work your way up from lvl 1 to Legend.
  • Various trader types: medic, mechanic, bartender, weapons dealer - all selling specialized items.
  • Building system updated and expanded: still alpha and free for testing purposes, but everything you build is persistent. To use press J and then click the 'Building' cog icon (controls: numpad arrows for front/back movement and lateral rotation, num_7 and num_1 for rotating vertically, pg_up and pg_down for up/down movement; num_5 for placing object, num_9 for cancelling; hold ALT for finer movement). Wipes are likely while the system is still worked on, so if you build stuff don't get too attached to your creations.
  • Added faction specific item kits that can be purchased from Quartermasters and Outfitters. Stuff like Highwayman Kit, Sniper Kit, Hunter Kit, Infiltrator Kit and so on (37 in total). Kit vendors are marked with K blips on your map. They are everywhere, however kits don't come cheap.
  • Ladder climbing.
  • More NPC types made recruitable.
  • Zombie spawning method changed: they spawn from fixed spawn points (like the regular bots do) and have a 10 min cooldown when killed. Not all zed spawns are mapped yet, still work in progress.

New content:

  • Two new CDF missions from Mallory Freemantle: help the Palomino Creek militia deal with some Bandit issues.
  • More wild animal spawn locations.
  • Much more traders (for all factions).
  • New mechanic shop locations.
  • More refueling points (for helis and boats too this time).

New mapping:

  • VRock hotel in Las Venturas (Raiders).
  • Jet hangar in A69 (Establishment).
  • Large underground facility in San Fierro Intl. Airport (Establishment).
  • Overrun outpost located at BaysideTunnel entrance (Neutral).
  • Market Station in Los Santos, Boat Town interior in San Fierro (Scavengers).
  • Hazardous materials convoys, all over San Andreas. Radiation effects will be added to them soon.
  • Quarantine fence on the outskirts of Las Venturas. Built by the Establishment to protect the city in the early days of the Incident, now it lays abandoned.
  • Shipwrecked container ship (Bandits).
  • Shanty town in the west of Las Venturas (Scavengers).
  • River checkpoint in Red County (CDF).
  • New camp in East Las Venturas (Raiders).


  • FPS issues fixed! +20-30 FPS gain, depending on area.
  • Inventory item descriptions fixed.

RTlsHKW.jpg    vzz3Cnp.png

FyZmYz9.png    qZmQLna.png

VbH1HT6.png    hkDnQWr.png

Join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/Zs5bWSX
to stay up to date with news, plans & media.
Come share your feedback and ideas!

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Heya guys! I have mixed news in this topic update! :)

  • bad news: development will slow down again as my time doesn't allow for relevant progress on the gamemode for at least a couple of months. The public alpha server will remain up for a couple more weeks, then will go down until development is resumed.
  • good news: my original plan was to drive this project to v1.0 before I release it but, as I can not commit on a time frame for this, I'll make an early release in the current stage - version 0.75 - rather than keeping it out of sight on my hard drive.

Development will be eventually continued; meanwhile, I encourage you to open your own Dystopia server - notify me if you do and I'll offer my support. Also, any and all contributions on gitHub are welcome!

You can download the current working version of Dystopia here: https://github.com/Zorangeorge/MTA-Dystopia-The-Incident (maps, scripts, models and tools... yep, everything you need).

You can branch out your own flavor of Dystopia or you can even remove all dystopian elements from it and use the inventory and NPC system to build a cops'n'robbers styled RPG server with minimal setup. Thanks for playing! And thank you for your support during this last year and a half!


Join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/Zs5bWSX to stay up to date with news, plans & media or come share your feedback and ideas!

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Posted (edited)

Hi guys! A couple of updates:

  • login screen updated; html version done by @Anderson
  • fps improvements in combat situations
  • melee updated: a couple of bugs fixed; much harder to fight multiple opponents now
  • a lot of zombie spawn points added; thx @Aleksander19
  • fixed minimap zoom level (now it's 50 m as it was supposed to)
  • tweaked weapon damage, accuracy, explosion range & damage -fixed bug that made kit descriptions not appear
  • fixed wrong water bottle model
  • added HQ icons (drawn by @cockroaches)
  • fixed bug where bicycles required fuel to work
  • fixed and changed fracture mechanic: if you are wasted with a major (red) fracture, you'll respawn with a minor one; if you are wasted with a minor fracture, you respawn cured; if you die for good (so the character select screen is shown), then you are of course cured
  • added HUD warning when you attempt to escape SA (warning message and retaliatory missile strikes are triggered when you get >4000 units from the center of the map)
  • many new vehicles added to various locations: a mobile Scavenger trader, CDF trader boat, Establishment missile truck, Raider siege truck etc.

 mta-screen_2019-03-01_02-40-38.png     mta-screen_2019-02-11_23-24-29.png
mta-screen_2018-12-21_17-42-05.png    mta-screen_2019-02-20_02-50-571.png

While the public test server went offline, remember that you can download the current working version of Dystopia here.
If you just want to play or test the gamemode, search for 'dystopia' in MTA's server browser and you may find a Dystopia server to play on - there are currently two online. Keep in mind that they are not 'official', so the actual experience may vary.

And finally, below is a sneak peek of my current MTA project, Dystopia: Hell or High Water. Revisit San Andreas 30 years after the events from Dystopia: The Incident, discover what's left and establish colonies on the unfriendly shores! Yes, you read that right - the unexpected sequel to an unfinished gamemode :)


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You should call the sequel  Dystopia: Waterworld , like the movie from 1995 lmao

As allways gj nice to see a original gamemode instead allways those mainstream ones.

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Hi guys!

Just a quick note, there are at least two servers currently online where you can play Dystopia:

Arabic Dystopia: The Incident v0.75 - [لعب ار بي جي زومبي مطور]  @

[CZ/SK] Dystopia: The Incident [Action-RPG Zombie Sandbox]  @

Disclaimer: they're both unofficial, so the actual experience might differ from the original gamemode, depending on the owners preference. However, as i played on them there were no differences that I could note, except for some parts that were translated to the respective languages.


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