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Street Wars - Currently being the only Polish server "Team Deathmatch" The server will only function on the Multi Theft Auto Platform.

It is not a "Role Play Game, Role Play, or Play" is a newly created server based on Author Gamemod.

On the server we have a lot of ideas and we try to add them as often as possible.

The purpose of the RCON Administration is to create something "new" on the Polish and English MTA scene.

This server is based on quite a famous server "Endless War".

Seeing players who write about the return of this server has given me an idea to create this project.

The main goal on the server will not be just monetization.

The purpose of this server is based on Killing, Taking Territory, Harnessing, New Ranging and more ... The server also has Author Maps, scripts and innovative Systems.



- BoKu ( Chief Scripter, Mapper, Originator )

- Mr.Krzychu ( Originator )

- Kamyrdol32 ( Scripter )

- Dizzel ( Secondary Maping )


- There is No


- There is No

Obviously, the Server Team will expand immediately after server startup, by recruiting the Forum.
It will not be "First up", it will be the person who wrote the application aesthetically and well describing himself and his experience.
The server team will be on Very High level.

Street Gangs

Grove Street

Set of Weapons:
- Ak-47
- Rifle
- Mac-10
- Chainsaw


Set of Weapons:
- Ak-47
- Deagle
- Sawed-Off
- Basketball


Set of Weapons:
- Ak-47
- Deagle
- Sniper
- Knife


Set of Weapons:
- M4
- Nightstick
- Tear gas


Set of Weapons:
- Ak-47
- Deagle
- Sniper
- Knife


Set of Weapons:
- Ak-47
- Sniper
- Catana

What are we planning to add?

We plan to add a lot of innovative and different things.

We are planning to do, among others, Artifact, Bank Assault, Assault.

New Modernized Graphics, Capture Territory, Picking Harnesses, and various Gangsters work systems. Currently, there is a system of vehicles, tuning and cabins.

Ideas will come out in time.

The server is up to date.

Server Presentation

Login Panel

Team Choice
It allows us to select up to 6 Teams described above

This is an Authorized Cinema allowing you to Watch various Seans.

TAB system
It shows us - Group, Rank and how much we have Kills, Death, K / D.

Strip Club
It is located next to the Vagos base. We plan to add different "ladies" and bartenders to it

The gym
It is located next to Grove Base, at this time we have no idea how to add it. At this time it is for 'decorations'.

Automated Responder System
It depends on the respiratory system in the base. Every car is standard from GTA Ganges: SA

Gang Maps
Each map is different, made in Map Editor by me.

Drug Carriage Work

The work involves the transportation of Drugs, from the "Old Base" to the Base of All Other Gangs

Ammunition Dump Jobs

The job is to drop Ammunition from LS Airport, to the Base of All Other Gangs


Artifact every 5 minutes gives us - Kase, Exp'a and various weapons. After taking the Artifact, we automatically add a new skin.

GUI examples

This is just a GUI quad from the server, each text has a color that is "taken" from the gang.

Additional Information

IP Server - mtasa: // 20524

Server Name - [TDM] Street Wars - sW @

Slots - x / 40

Gamemode - Gang Wars [TDM]

Start Server - 15.08.2017

Forum -


Sorry for my english but I'm a Poland and I'm using an interpreter

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fixed topic title for section requirements

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Please review the requirements of the section.

Your topic title needs to be like that ( shall have the form [SERVER TYPE] Brief description/Name [LANGUAGE]. )

If you don't apply the requirements within 24 hours your topic will be removed.

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On 30-7-2017 at 10:44, BoKu* said:

The purpose of the RCON Administration is to create something "new" on the Polish and English MTA scene.

Sorry for my english but I'm a Poland and I'm using an interpreter

I've fixed your topic title to [Polish] tag now, but I'd still like you to clear up whether the server is playable in English language too/already as your demo screenshots show a polish game-mode. If that's true and English cannot be toggled, I suppose you're better off posting this in the Polish forum section, as this is the international servers-to-play on section which requires a English topic (good job on that) but most reasonably also a gamemode not limited to a foreign language (although I know policy is a bit unclear about that).

So, @BoKu* please clear that up, thanks. You'll get additional 24 hours ontop of Nssor's comment to inform us, hope I made myself clearer now..

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If I understand correctly - Yes the server is in English as well as Polish. 
This is an international server that everyone has access to.
The server is also in Polish because all owners are from Poland and because the Polish MTA scene is terribly poor. 
Same game modes Role Play Games, Role Play and Truck, creates this server to make the Polish scene get more thread RPG / RPG and Truck. 
Sorry for trouble editing department but i did not know how to do it I edited Edit but nothing came of it, 
I could change only the content of the topic. 
Sorry again.

I use a translator :/
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I forgot to add this picture - Language selection, you can choose English and English.

After choosing Polish you have everything in Polish! And after choosing English everything in English!


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