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I prefer to never zip it, like i do, until you find a way to extremely compress a .zip file for a lower download or such, only then i would start using .zip files.

But on the date of today.. no results finding any way to extremely compress .zip's without breaking it's files to execute on a server..


Also how i think about compressing mta server resources, for example:

i got tons of resource's, together it's about 1,4GB, if i would be able to compress it into 200MB or so, i would do that.. for sure!..


EDIT: I also know this 'is' possible, ive played like 4/5 years ago on a big drifting server, they had about 2,8GB of resource's,

Like most of the resource's where Vehicle's, Plane's, also Drift Tracks (Custom Maps), Weapons, etc etc..

they managed to compress everything into only 392MB, but got never the info on how they did it..



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Just remembered how a older now dead server managed to compress resource's to the smallest bit's!.
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