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so there is a command "/fz" which obviously freezes you until you do "/fz" again..

how can I move while frozen , I don't mean to run or walk .. I mean , I see players go up while they are frozen..

they told me they use some type of a command idk .. but it pushes them one step forward or backward , upwards or downwards as they want..

so basically its a command , I need to know it




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34 minutes ago, Gourmet. said:

I really didn't understand. You want to move while frozen? Can you show the code and explain it a bit better? Is there a desync or what? @qing

I am not talking about a code or my server .. its just an ordinary other server


1. : /player does "/fz"

2. : player does "/(Command I wanna know) 3" ---> moves the player "up-down-left-right" 3 feet


I want to know the command

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