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Is there Hackers?

Guest Dye

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the cheating scene has died down, the safest server is the partyserver IMO, they have thier own custom security.

Some weeks ago their were full of cheaters there but they've got more security and monitoring than other servers.

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You get plenty of 'speedhackers' and health cheaters in busy servers, you even get 'bots' in 0.5 now, where you get warped by some sad individual into the sea or something similar.

Bring on blue, then we can write some plugins to enforce anti-cheating.

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From what I've seen, MTA's probably the easiest game to monitor hackers on as an admin, so long as you can tell the difference between glitches and hacks.

I don't think there's a game on the planet that is secure from hackers...

Umm... tetris?

I had Tetrinet 2, played with my girlfriend and a friend, and in one game someone was hacking, custom blocks or attacks, can't remember. :roll:

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www.punkbuster.com, It supports games CHEATfree there is no hacking in several FPS games thanks to Punkbuster...

Yea but lag comes into play more when you got this cheat thingy basically bugging everyones computer every half second with 'are you cheating'.

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