[LF] Looking for an experienced scripter. [PAID]

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Good evening,

I'm looking for an experienced scripter to create a remastered MTA:DayZ gamemode with several other defined features for a project that I designed - Solid Gaming DayZ. Our former scripter CodyJ(L) was working with this for months untill the development was dropped due to a power surge, that toasted the disk including months of work. I've had several other people working for me in the past few years, such as Saml1er, Koeno100 and Fernando also known as Renk0n.

I'm currently on a full-time job, doing sales for an electricity company. That's the main reason why I don't have so much time to consume on developing it myself, besides I only know the basics of .lua. 

All the work to be done for this project is explained and defined in many different forms, like powerpoints and notepad files. 

I have the budget of total 500€ for this project to be accomplished. If you are willing to work for me, take your tasks seriously.

You can contact me via PM or Skype: ohhdzire



Thank you.

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Hey there... I'll just get here to say that I did indeed work with him a few years ago. I made many scripts and I have been paid as we agreed, so I do think he's trustable but he also requires a person with responsibility on his acts.

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3 hours ago, !#NssoR_) said:

Please review the rules of the section.

Your topic title needs to be like that [LF/OFFERING] Brief description [Paid/Non-Paid] within 24 hours or your topic will be removed.


Sorry for the inconvenience,

it doesn't let me to edit the topic for some reason. Can you change the topic title to: [LF] Looking for an experienced scripter. [PAID]


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On 10/5/2017 at 21:02, [SG]Santeri said:

Still looking.

Discord: Santeri#3334

I've add you on skype and discord accept my add if you still looking on programmer

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