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Runtime Error 10057 : socket not connected

Guest h3@d!

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i can't connect to a server............... :cry::cry::cry:

i start gta launcher and then gta MTA... he opens the mta interface and gta3... i start a new game and go out with alt+tab..... i look for an ip in ASE and try to connect to it but the interface says me "socket is not connected" :cry::cry::cry: and then he closes the interface

so what can i do to fix the problem

sorry for my english i am german

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cuz of other impatient ppl, they had 2 remove sum stuff from 0.3b and rushed them.... ppl should learn sum patience so mta can release a decent product...

i think 0.3b is decent enough. i havent tried it yet but im amazed they made gta3 multiplayer

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