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adding and removing event handlers?


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I am making a dx hud, and the elements are getting drawn on each other, i have not clue why, i'd like to find that one out in the future.
I guess i need to use removeEventHandler, but i don't really know where to place it in my code.
My code works like this: Player logs in, the script calls the function, which renders the scoreboard. exports.hud:render().
So as i wrote, i just saw while driving that they are getting drawn on each other, yet i have no clue why, (when i join the server, it gets drawn again)
And when i place the removeeventhandler, somewhere, it sometimes work, but how do i add the event again? In not the same function? If it is not right after the function's end? I don't really understand this, i have never done stuffs like huds with renders and alike yet. 

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