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Post YOUR C.J!


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Now post your 1337 d00ds, now that almost everybody completed the game and has access to everything.



Something tells me you are into Isacc Hayes or Samuel L. Jackson.

wasnt samuel l jackson dubbing tenpenny? (and no, i just like black, swords, bikes and planes :P)

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Nice ones :!: , Ransom wont you post yours?

I have gtasa but im waitin on my a new computer coming within 15 days :P

ah okey.


Where you guys get all of those nice cars, are they built into the game or do you download new car modell's?

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wow that's one really small pic... If I don't see it wrong I got more money than you have :D and I don't cheat. /me is stupid idiot who has done too much vigilante and brown thunder. curious? got vigilante lvl 100 and brown thunder 200 :D:rofl::eyeslam::eyeslam::eyeslam::eyeslam:

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