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Post YOUR C.J!


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I'm kinda interested in your CJ's so post them here so we all can see them

I'll start with mine, this is not my usual CJ but the one I got for cruising through las venturas, I'll add my other CJ later... when I took a screenie.


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I don't remember buying those tracks, coulda sworn he had red jeans :/ (To hide the blood splatters)

p.s. Changed the topic title again as 'CJ Outfits' sounded a little Posh Tailors. (Dull, gay and avoided by most people)

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btw i c on the pics that u got the same problem as me.. i mean the littile rectangles instead of vinyls on some cars.. is that a problem with game or only with hardware? Coz for ex. on Sultan eveything works, bot on Elegy i got thoose lil rectangles

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No racial stuff plz, topic changed.

racial stuff? CJ calls his whole neightbour like this... :roll:

This is a forum, not GTASA. Its real life and people have real feelings torwards words like that.

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