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Delete please accidentally uploaded same mod twice


(mod note: the main resource has also been suspended because it's too simple to be on community)

You cannot call this code;


-- settings --
addEventHandler( 'onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot,
	function( )
		local uSound = playSound3D( '', 2507.79492, -1665.29883, 13.40339 ) -- Ganton --
		local uSound = playSound3D( '', 937.08984, 1733.26123, 8.85156 )	--- Whitewood --	
		local uSound = playSound3D( '', 380.68820, -2141.09619, 7.58474 )	-- Santa Maria Beach --	

a script that physically places controllable speakers (like it purports to be).

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On 06/08/2019 at 22:01, laserlaser said:

"please delete" in description


ANSWER: this is your resource.. what exactly is it meant for (as you deleted the description)? Per the community regulations, we tend not to/can refuse to delete useful, popular or old resources. You usually release useful and popular resources.

Delete first version at least. There is no change in resource but I deleted my copyright.


It would be nice if you re-added the description text

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