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Leaked script from an old server of mine (Valhalla Roleplay Based), dunno how on earth he got it...

RESPONSE: Lack of evidence on the source, or any clue it has even been part of your server. Because it's not part of the standards vG leaks (as you already stated) you gotta provide some sort of additional evidence.

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this source was shared by me:
my source (Source Version 1):

REPORT DENIED (it doesn't belong to you, his code comes from the original source at and your edited version of that was uploaded at a later date. Don't try to claim authorship to something that isn't yours to begin with).

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On 3-8-2018 at 12:31, ScottCoder said:

delete pls

DENIED (suspended instead, nice backdoor in the script you got there.. will result in a ban)

Anyone who is using this resource;


should stop using and delete it immediately. Likewise with his previous resources that were deleted, as we are unable to check them for backdoors or similar practises now.

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On 23/09/2018 at 17:20, OsO.cp said:

Pls block this resource, its stolen, it was private one we didn't share it:

Also this guy used as he done it.

RESPONSE: please show evidence of your claims, without that we won't be able to take action.


Our team's video. As you could see in the resource title there are imgs of 'North Team'. Look at the date - 9 months ago. I got no idea how else i could prove it.

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 groam resources

Response: we got rid of several other resources from the same uploader because of using leaked resources, but these 2 particular ones aren't leaked. The targetting from dogfight resource is part of a public community resource (the edit of which grafuroam has but failed to prove it's theirs) and the experience system is written to clone visually, but doesn't actually use leaked grafuroam code.

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Reason: unsuccessfully reported earlier at, refer to this post for more info on the reason. That script does not belong to Markelof, uploader of the linked resource you claim is original.


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