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13 hours ago, Zabpehely said:

I deleted them, but also all of your other resources, and in addition banned your Community account for mass-sharing resources that weren't made by you, but copied/stolen (also see how this topic is full of reports against your uploads..)

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Someone has stolen my Online Radio script, edited it a bit and re-uploaded with no trace of me as an author.



If you open client.lua you'll see that literally everything is the same as mine, he just translated the text to turkish and added a turkish station (or just Turkey as a new radio location).

I don't have anything against people using my scripts, editing them and whatever...but uploading as their own - just no.


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Skin mod:





Not sure if the uploader is really the author of this script. As the description says, it's a kind of script copied from CIT and it also has encrypted/compiled script files.

Anyway, I think the upload should be checked, that's why I'm reporting it.


also DONE

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Yes, it has a link to the original script, but it is still a repost, just translated it to Hungarian.

Answer: Under the community regulations, translations are permitted in certain circumstances, which have been met in this case (until the original author complains). You're advised to read the regulations topic.

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Link to post - Texture reemplacement / Also the resource won't even work because he missed an argument

REPORT DENIED - it's not an ordinary mod but a really useful scenario, please read the exceptions clausule in under the mods column ("map and building"). Comment and ask the author to fix their script instead.


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