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How do you find players? Once and for all just tell!

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The manual wasn't very helpful so I decided to make this topic. Someone PLEASE go through the steps in a very detailed fashion on how to find and join a game. Act like the people you are talking to are idiots....I don't have a clue what ASE is but the manual seems to think everyone does....so please talk to me like I am a child. Explain to me:

1. how to find a game

2. how to join

Please be very detailed!

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before you start: I reccomend HIGHLY that you make a clean install of GTA3!!!!!!!

okay... here we go!

first, go to http://www.udpsoft.com/eye

get the ASE program, and install it.

now, go to http://www.multitheftauto.com, and get MTA

Install mta into the SAME FOLDER as gta3.exe... otherwise it won't work.

good so far?

okay... open up launcher.exe from the GTA3 folder... (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA III\launcher.exe)

select GTA3 MTA

GTA3 will start up, and the MTA program will go. close 'em both up.

Now, we need to set up ASE, so that it works with MTA.

Open up ASE, and answer all of the wiz's questions... Up until the point where it gets to listing the games.

First check the installed programs list, for GTA3: MTA (not MTA... I took 10 minutes before I realized that G comes before M)

If GTA3: MTA is there (which it wasn't for me), then under 'program location' click browse...

Find mta.exe (should be at C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA III\mta.exe), and select it.

Make sure that 'Visible in filter list' is checked, and go next

If GTA3: MTA isn't there, then look under 'Not Installed', for GTA3: MTA, then do the same thing as above.

****If GTA3: MTA is not in either list (remember, it starts with a G), then make sure you have the latest version of ASE, then post in the forum for help****

Alright... you're juuuust about there.

Click on GTA3:MTA in the sidebar on the left.

Click the little refresh button on the toolbar.

Servers should start popping up.

Double click on a server, and the MTA program will start.

Now that you have the MTA program started, start GTA3, and click 'start game' :arrow: 'start multi theft auto'

wait for it to load, and use Alt-Tab to switch back to the MTA program.

Click 'connect to server'.


Hopefully, messages like this will pop up:

Welcome to MTA

Version 0.3 (Build 5291127-G)

Connecting to server

Waiting for request

Assigned ID: 1

Gametype: DM

Connection found, ping received

If only something like this pops up:

Welcome to MTA

Version 0.3 (Build 5291127-G)

Connecting to server

Waiting for request

then try a different server, or disconnect and reconnect.

I'm assuming that everything is working okay, and you get the first messages.

Now, if you switch to GTA3, you'll see...!!!!



switch back to MTA, and click 'send game request'.

a message should say "sending game request"

switch back to GTA3, and wait about 30 seconds... if the credits don't stop, and you don't appear, then try a different server, or disconnect/reconnect, or try 'sending a game request' again. Before you do any of these things though, I've got a quick thing at the bottom of this... FAQ?... it's very important, and you might be able to tell what's wrong. (actually, it's not at the bottom. it's just a little ways up... you can find it by looking for lots of *******'s....)

Alright. Assuming you got it all going, and you appeared on a rooftop, walk to the MAFIA SIDE.

*****Do not go to the Diablo side! apparently (though it has not been a problem for me) there is a bug that causes problems if you are diablo*****

Now. you should appear, all nice and dandy. hop in a car, and have fun :D

but wait a second... where are the other players?

you look on the radar, and see a tight cluster of blips, but go there, and you don't see anyone! :shock::o

alright... a lot of you won't have this problem. But it happened to me, and it seems to be an annoying lack-of-feature thing... MTA doesn't tell you if you've been disconnected. It just sits there going "oh.. look at that. I just disconnected. how sad. I best not alert my master to this. I'll simply stop that little orange button from blinking."


oh ya.. that possible answer for the credits not going? Right here.


so what do you do? switch back to the MTA program, and check the little thing next to 'connection status'. If it's orange, and doesn't blink every once in a while, then disconnect and reconnect, or find a different server.

If it's blinking... well, disconnect and reconnect, or find a different server. :P

If it's white... then disconnect and reconnect, or find a different server. (I forget exactly what white means... I think it was that there never was a connection in the first place... I'll get back to you on that one (actually, I won't... I'm a lazy slob.... I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork right now), but for now, just go with the good ol' "disconnect and reconnect, or find a different server" method :P )

Okay... it should work now.

Post in this topic if you need me to change anything, or if you find a new fix... it doesn't really help much to ask for answers to your problems, as I don't know much more than what I've written.

oh ya... some of the stuff here might be wrong, but it's just a quick FAQ, so don't quote me on it.

Have fun!

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EVERYONE seems to be confused about the people on the roof. who are they? are they peds? are they other players?

both, sort of.

When you join a server, you become one of those people on the roof.

You are then teleported to the other roof, where you choose your team.

Another way to think about it: you are an evil, mind-taking over alien thing.

Those players on the roof are your hosts.

You join the server, and you take over the mind of your host.

Then, by magic, you're transported on top of a building, where you get to choose which kind of other mind-stealing alien things you want to be friends with. (a.k.a. choosing your team)

simple as dat :D (at least I THINK that's correct... I'm 85% certain that's how it works.)

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well, sorry if I was a little condescending, but you never know who might need this info/who won't understand the simplest thing :wink:

Case in point: Red Hat Linux... I spent so many hours combing through FAQ's, only to find that it was the simplest thing I was doing wrong :D (I never did install it though... I ended up going with Mandrake 9.1)

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