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I was trying to implement a bootstrap framework called MDBootstrap, which can be found here and it has an animated text input, so when I click in any of the edit boxes, the placeholder moves out of the way and the color changes as well (the usual animation). That kind of works fine in CEF, except that I have to hold down the mouse to be able to write into it, as soon as I let go, the text input looses focus and I cannot type anymore. I was wondering if it is something that can be fixed? I just want to know if I should look for a different framework, or it's something that will / can be fixed.

@Jusonex any help would be appreciated

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Are you using createBrowser or guiCreateBrowser? Could you also provide a resource that allows me to reproduce the issue?

It's most likely not related to MdBootstrap, so changing the library will probably not fix it.

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Thank you for your reply, Josunex. Quite strangely, the problem fixed itself, 4 of us tried, we all had the same result, the input boxes lost focus.. The next day we all tried again and it worked without any code changes.

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