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Hi people

I've been looking for a way to make a Multilingual Resource that you could assign certain dialogs to for example a number.

Let's say this a dialog in an external resource:

        triggerClientEvent(source, "makeMessage", root, "Your username/password was incorrect.", "Login Error")

Now i want to assign a ID to this dialog "Your username/password was incorrect." that could be used to call it from Lang Resource.

This is all i could figure out , i would really appreciate a solution.

with regards

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You can replace string with function, that will return string. Then with use of exports, conditions and tables you can make very reliable multi-language system. Or you can use only tables and identify language by key.

Example of second method (using only tables):

-- you have to define table with all strings in all supported languages
language_strings = {
	['EN'] = {
		"Your username/password was incorrect.",
		"Login Error",
	['CZ'] = {
		"Tvé jméno/heslo je neplatné.",
		"Chyba při přihlášení",

-- then you can do this in your function, after you get "lang" variable for example from getElementData
triggerClientEvent(source, "makeMessage", root, language_strings[lang][1], language_strings[lang][2]) 


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