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Can players see each other's IP addresses?


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I don't now if MTA is secure, and i don't know if the IP addresses could get leaked, and i don't know, if the players are sending packets to each other, or only just they communicate with the server, and the server with the other client. I want to make it secure, and safe. However, all of the logins and events get logged into our database with their IP addresses for our safety and protection, they can't get leaked anywhere. Are the players safe on the server? Are they sending packets to each other? Just because i would not like them to communicate, for our security reasons. How does it work here?

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All connected clients (players) establish a direct connection with the server (through winsock), basically your server's OS will have open connections corresponding to online players. But as all traffic is handled between client and server and server to (other) clients, I'm pretty sure clients cannot leak their IP's to eachother. But to be 100% sure and be freed of your worries, confirm my answer/get a better one by asking someone like @ccw ...

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