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Im sure there will be ome RPG clans out there, so this is a thread that I'm making to post ideas for the RPG part of SA. If this is a lame thread, just delete it, I dont care all that much.

Me and a couple friends want to start transportation. We would like the train, a couple Buses(not coaches, bus's seem to turn better), couple limos, and a couple taxi's. This way we can transport people around SA that need transportation, because we plan on having car dealers and stuff, so people need to buy a car in order to use it. When they dont, they would have to take a taxi or a bus or a train. And of course, we will charge.

Post your ideas, so that way the MTA team can develope MTA to suit your wants/needs :) .

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As much as I wished there was a taxi system I wished you could also offer paramedic services that actually do something (such as healing people over time when they sit in your paramedic) as well as other public/government services. :D

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