[QUESTION] How to add this to the admintag script?

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I want add a function to the admintag script, but i don't know how to create. When i type this for example: "asd", the script make this automatically to "Asd". And may add to this function special characters? For example: é,á,ű,ő,ó,ú...etc? Those too replace to big letter


sorry for my bad english:( 

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Edit this

function Upper(str)
    local first = utfSub(str,1,1):upper()
    return (first..utfSub(str,2,#str))

function blockChatMessage(message)
    outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source)..": "..Upper(message),255, 255, 255, true)
addEventHandler("onPlayerChat", getRootElement(), blockChatMessage)


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