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How can I make a button like this

Leo Messi

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U can create ur own GUI panel buy that program u can make login panel for example or any jobs stuff panel those buttons are just for helps which give u info how to make a GUI ... And close means close that specific window they are label they work on click method !!

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It's not label bro... I tried to make it like that. 

I need to use this events to make it changes color



guiLabelSetColor(lbl ,r , g, b)

also I can't set it in that place that I'm telling u guys.. just I need someone who understands me

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11 hours ago, StormFighter said:

label = guiCreateLabel(x, y, x, y, "label", flase/true, parentElement)

addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", getRootElement(), function() if (source == label) then

-- Do something





Code is correct  !! Give some rights for example help on click help it shows all help information u created for help every GUI button will have some rights !for best way to learn visit mtasa wiki or YouTube if u need any thing to script u can pm me I vll make for u 

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On 6/28/2017 at 11:44, majdxd said:

so guys, you can't?

People tried to help you, and you were a douchbad to them and started yelling. It is a label, when it's hovered you change its color.

When you hover away you reset its color.

When it's clicked you invoke whatever function you want to be called.

You set its position relatively, because you want to ensure it sticks to the edges of the main window.

You set its ClippedByParent property to False so that the title bar doesn't hide it.

Show more respect to those who try to help you, otherwise nobody will give a :o about you.


EDIT: And that function signature you posted is just a ready-to-use one, but I bet its internals have all what we've been telling you.

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