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Group/Fraction system based on SQL


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Hi guys. Can u tell me which fuctions  from mta:wiki should I use to make this system. I want in this system: saving group to the player based on sql, indvidual commands for group. Like a Police - /arrest, Medics /heal. For all groups leader panel inlc. cmd /invite /kick. For admin /creategroup /setownergroup. I think in sql I need some table which saves values like a loginplayer, nicknameplayer, idGroup, nameGroup, leaderGroup, membersGroup? and make permission system for indvidual cmd but which fuction is responsible for that ?

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Hello. You have to use the SQL functions, which are:


If you need further explanation about how to use SQL, send me a message and I'll try to explain it.

You also have to check the access of the player, which is a simple if-then.

So like, I have a value from SQL that he is a police member. The variable of this value is for example: group. So if the player does something that requires the police group you do it that way:

if (group == "police") then
  -- Do something

Same here, if you need further explanation, I'll be glad to help you.

Other way is to store players in ACL groups, but that is not SQL based.

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Hi. So I made this fraction system based on mysql and create table with values like id fraction and name fraction, but now I have a question. I have my login/register system in other resource/file and in other table in my MySQL base. My login/register system save a values like a id player, login, password, money, nick, weapons, positions, interior and all values saves when player leave a game and set when he log in on account but how I should call value "id_fraction" from system fraction table to my login/register system and save this id_fraction to player account? 

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