What can return affected row number? | dbExec returning nil.

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So, i have a little code ==>

id,charname,anick,dead,ajail,otherdata,skinid,pos,bones,health,hunger = 
getElementData(client, "acc:id"), name,"admin",toJSON({0, false}),
toJSON({false, 0, "", "", 0}),toJSON({szuldate,varos,age,cm,kg}), skinid,toJSON(spawnPosTable),toJSON({})--[[csontok..]],100,100

theXec = dbExec(con, "INSERT INTO characters SET id=?,charname=?,anick=?,dead=?,ajail=?,otherdata=?,skinid=?,pos=?,bones=?,health=?,hunger=?",
if theXec then
  --doSomething else

All the variables have their value, but for some reason dbExec is returning nil.And does nothing.((Nothing in the Db tho))

My 2nd question is:

What can return a number of affected rows?I have a query: "SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE id=?", and i want to get the number of affected rows.

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  1. dbExec isn't supposed to return anything.
  2. You aren't using dbExec properly, please open the function in wiki and carefully read it (Usage of '?' and '??').
  3. dbPoll returns a second argument, which is the number of affected rows. Again, read more about it on wiki, there are good examples on how to use it as well.

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I know, that dbPoll returns the number of affected rows, last insert id, and a table too.

From the MTA Wiki ==>





Returns true unless the connection is incorrect, in which case it returns false.


Btw, if im not using dbExec propertly, then go and try to run a script like this,and it will succeed.

dbExec(con "SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE id=?", 1)

This will return true most likely.

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