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Another ASE topic...


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K... I installed MTA, connected to a server. shibby. fun.

of course, I was only using the server that was filled-in by default...

I then installed ASE... install went well, everything nice, then it gets to the part of the first-time config wizard, where you select the games ASE is to be able to show.



Is there a way to add a new game to the list?

Or do I have to install ASE and then MTA? :roll:

oh ya... one more thing: kill everyone you can find on the server... it's kinda boring to have everyone milling around... :D:D:D:wink::wink::wink:

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see the little icons to the left? select one.

NOW click refresh...

you have to select the icon, otherwise ASE doesn't know which game you want servers for :D

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How do i join a game, after i'm at the connection page? click send for a request? nothing happen...all i get is ping, "You died" someone help me with this maybe?

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I find ASE very affective, also for MTA. Only you don't see me sending game request using ASE. I get as far as them rocking Credits (ypu rocking). So is there a way you can with ASE ? :idea: That would be a great confort. ty.

Die all. :arrow: ... many times! :twisted:

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I would like to kill ppl. I have managed to connect to a server, but i cant kill ppl nor destroy stuff... What gives?

2Problems to this, either:

#1. You are on there team which i assume you cannot kil them OR

#2. You arnt killing them enough, notice you start with 900hp... now thats alot of life N it takes a few 1000 uzi bullets to take down... (Notice thats why everyone uses cars :'(...)

Also Wazzaa U STOLE MY NAME !!! :D hehehe

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aaahhhhhhh help ive followed the faq, ive been thru the forum threads and i still cant get ASE to work. ive selected the game executable as mta.exe, with visible in filter list checked, ASE finds the servers and lists em, I can connect but it doesnt auto launch the game. So, like the manual said i loaded up GTA3 through my normal shortcut (GTA has been set to mta mode, not sp mode) and all i get is the credits...over and over and over. The little LED thingy flashes, normally orange, and says Im gettin a downstream normally 10k/sec and it just doesnt work....help me ppllleeeaaassseeee :cry:

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I dont even need to click send game request... it jus works on its own for me and usually i dont even get the creds i jus get please N the game loads even before the beggining creds start :D. Also wot do i do when my free trail on ASE runs out or i wud like to get the full reg effects... Im a lazy sod and i cud go crack it myself i suppose from sum http://www.megagames.com site or sumthin but if u guys have a working crack going around it wud help loads :D

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